The Quest for Infrastructure Management 2.0

I’ve long been a configuration management tool fan. I have blogged, spoken at conferences and used Puppet as well as Chef and Ansible. The more I use these tools now, the more I realise I’m actually not making my life any easier Currently, the infrastructure I manage is 100% AWS Cloud based. This has actually changed how I work: I have learned to always expect problems so I therefore should have everything 100% automated.

DevOps and .Net Conference

So I just tweeted the following, Firstly, I’d like to say that this is not about naming and shaming. Secondly, I am not annoyed with the conference at all about the response. The conference I spoke to advertises itself as “engineering talks only” so I wanted to post a few things about that. In my opinion, the writing of code and the ecosystem of a specific platform is only 10% (or rather a small portion) of what we need to be aware of as software engineers.

Changing my focus

For those that know me, you know that I am very passionate about infrastructure and DevOps. Infrastructure is something that we, as developers, don’t really give a lot of thought to. DevOps is something that will make our businesses more successful. So, I am changing the job role that I have. From now, I am no longer focusing on writing application code. Instead I am going to spend my time focusing on the following areas: