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Introducing TeamCityMetro for WP7

After my foray into the work of the TeamCity API, Gary Park and I have written a WP7 app. We are pleased to announce that this app is now available in the AppStore and is FREE to all. For version 1, the application will only give you the opportunity to see your projects, builds types, last 10 builds of each build type and then link to the build on your teamcity server. This is only an initial release and will be followed up with the ability to trigger builds.

The application looks as follows:

Screenshot1 Screenshot2 Screenshot3 Screenshot4 Screenshot5 Screenshot6  Screenshot7

If you want to request a feature or leave us some feedback then please get in touch with us. An application website will soon appear. All feedback gratefully received. Huge thanks to all our beta testers. Without them this application would never have made it past beta.