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You Think I'm Doing It Wrong, So Help Me Do It Right

I am fed up with reading more and more posts, mostly on twitter, telling me I’m wrong if I’m doing it this way or wrong if I’m not using this tool. Who gives you the right to tell me I am not correct? You do not know my problem space, domain or the criteria I need to work towards.

I have to say that this post is not in retaliation to anyone telling me I am doing something wrong. It is based towards all the posts titled ‘You’re doing it wrong….’

In my opinion, we are continually learning in this industry. Something you may be good at now, may not be the hot topic in 6 months time. I am not sure there is a single person who knows *everything*. You may have your niche of expertise and you may be able to help but be constructive. If you really think I am doing it wrong, then give me reasons why so and point out the flaws in my way. It isn’t black and white. This is not a math problem – there may be more than 1 way to do something.

I do a lot of speaking to groups about continuous integration & delivery. There is no way I would tell someone they are wrong. Instead, all I can do is to put the reasons out there for my way of doing something. If the person takes this on-board then that’s fantastic. If they don’t, I won’t get offended. Maybe we should focus on helping the devs who are supposedly doing it wrong rather than pointing that almighty finger at them. Who knows, you may even learn something yourself.