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Installing Mono on Windows

I have recently been thinking about making TeamCitySharp supported on mono. This would require me to either run a VM (that you can download form the mono project site) or install mono on Windows. As I would continue to develop TeamCitySharp in VS2010, I thought it would be better to install mono on windows.

When trying to install mono, I went to the mono project download page and was presented with 3 options for windows:


I had no idea what to install & tweeted to that effect. Almost immediately, Rob Reynolds tweeted this back:

cinst mono

This is a reference to chocolatey which I have used before. Chocolatey is described as “apt-get for windows”. In order to install mono I had a number of steps to follow:

1. Set the execution policy of PowerShell to unrestricted


2. Install chocolatey


3. cinst mono


which, when downloaded triggers the install


Mono is now installed and ready to be used. This was extremely easy using chocolatey. I have used it before to install nodejs but I have to admit I didn’t really pay attention to what packages it contained. I will be doing so from now on. If you have not checked out chocolatey then please do so – it rocks!