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Features Nuget Would Benefit From

I look to Nuget as the package manager for Windows development in the same way that RubyGems is to Ruby development. This may be immature of me but it works for my scenarios. In comparing the different systems, I feel that Nuget is lacking a few key features that sometimes I look for.

1. Install a specific version of a package

Currently from the Nuget console in Visual Studio a command like the following is run:

Install-package TeamCitySharp

This would install the latest package available. This is sometimes not always the best solution. If the package owner releases a package that has a bug in it then we cannot use the package at all. I would like the be able to install a version of the package that I know works:

Install-package TeamCitySharp –version:0.2

This would mean I can then update at a time when I am happy with the new package or when a fix has been added.

2. Download package direct from the Nuget gallery

I may want to download  package without the need to open the Nuget console. A simple download link would be a welcome addition to be able to help this.

3. Global installation of a package

Currently, you would select the project from the list in the console and then call the install command. I would like to be able able install a package to a number of packages. For example, I have 20 unit test assemblies. I wouldn’t want to have to type the command to install NUnit 20 times. I would like to be able to do something like:

Install-package NUnit  -include *.UnitTest.dll –exclude *.config

This would utilise the full power of the PowerShell console. This is purely a timesaver and would help when working in a multi project environment.