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Free Speaker Training Day - 27th May 2011

It was announced last week that Guy Smith-Ferrier will be providing a free speaker training day in the UK on May 27th 2011. The details of the free training are located on Guy’s blog. I believe that this is a very popular event so if you are interested then please get in contact using the contact details on Guy’s blog post. In summary the day will cover the following details:

  • How To Explain Absolutely Anything
  • Planning Your Presentation
  • How To Give Great Demos
  • Getting Your Laptop Ready For Your Presentation
  • Presenting Your Presentation

The training will be lead by some very well known speakers in the UK community – Steve Sanderson, Dave McMahon, Ross Scott and Chris Myhill. This is a FREE event so please do try and take advantage of this if you can and are interested in speaking at user groups or regional events in the UK.

If you are like me, however, and cannot make that speaker training day then Guy has released speaker training videos. They are available on the technical community site. After speaking with Guy about this he has suggested that you would not need to watch the videos if you are going to the training day as they cover the same topics.