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DDD Scotland 2011

Saturday 7th May was DDD Scotland in Glasgow. I was fortunate enough to be speaking at the event so obviously had to travel up there for the weekend :)

There were a range of good tracks available – agenda is here – and I started the day going to see Kendall Miller talking about How to Grow Your Own Software Company. Kendall is a very good speaker and delivered a very useful session. I really enjoyed the fact that he was able to relate his talk to his own experiences. If you can get a chance to see this session then I would recommend it – especially if you are thinking about setting up your own company!

I flitted in and out of a few other sessions throughout the day and really enjoyed the day as a hole. Got some great feedback on my session and Guy Smith-Ferrier very kindly critiqued my session for me so I can improve my delivery of my session.

Had a great day, met some great people and enjoyed having a day of being a geek. Thanks to the organisers – Colin MacKay, Craig Murphy, Andy Gibson and Barry Carr. Thanks again!