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What Passion Means to Me

I am writing this post as a follow up to a post I wrote about recruitment. In that post I specifically asked for developers with passion. On reflection over the past few days, I felt I needed to actually think about what passion means to me. I think I’m passionate about what I do. I say think because my definition for passion may be different to others.

What do I feel passion is?

Passion, for me, is about wanting to make a difference. Its about communication of ideas and feelings to my peers. In order to be able to communicate those ideas, they need to be researched. Passionate people tend to work hard and really get something good out of helping or working with others. So in essence Passion is a good attribute to have. It can also be bad though – passion can drive confrontations or dictatorial people. But unless this is malicious then it may only be because people have conflicting ideas.

I do believe that passion can really motivate people. I’d say it’s a positive attribute in software

Why am I passionate?

I absolutely love what I do for a living. i get a kick out of researching new things and finding out how these things help me. Scott Hanselman said in a podcast -

[When showing liquid nitrogen to people for the first time] “There’s 2 kinds of people,  there’s like dude we have to freeze a banana and smash it on the ground. then there’s the other people in the world, which are like oh that’s interesting and then they walk away.”

I certainly tend to think of myself as being in the first type. I love looking at new things and technology and I love bringing those new things to others around me – especially my team when I feel it would help. I love pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Those who know me and have worked with me have seen that sometimes I can be confrontational but there’s no malice in that at all, I can get “hot headed” since I truly believe what I try and bring to a team will help them even if people cannot see that at the time. As I get more experienced, my confrontational side is ebbing as I realise that others are passionate about their ideas too.

So why do I want to work with passionate developers?

I want to get better at what I do. The day I feel I know everything is the day I think my career in development may be over. I have realised there is way too much out there for everyone to learn. Therefore I want to work/surround myself with passionate people so we can share ideas together. As we share, we can truly understand a topic or a challenge.

These types of developers will push me outside my comfort zone to enhance my knowledge or figure out a solution. I understand this will may cause friction, but we are grownups so we can get over that factor - right?. I’m hoping that passion in my colleagues combined with my own passion will help keep the team motivated about what they do!

Hopefully I’m not living in a dream world! My recruitment drive continues…….