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Tool of the Week – Programmers Notepad2 – 10/09/10

As I’m a wannabe Evangelist, then I thought I’d add a new feature to my blog. 

Tool Of The Week

This is of course something I like doing and nothing that anyone has asked me to do or to promote things. Last week [Week Ending 10th September], there were a few new things I tried out. Most were all around new notepad support as I have grown a little tired to Notepad++ and all the updates it tried to make me install. Therefore my tool of the week was Programmers Notepad 2.

There are a few reasons why I like this product:

  1. Its free - This makes a huge difference I’m afraid as I chop and change my mind over tools all the time about whether I use them of not. I also rebuild my home machine a lot and its less hassle to install OSS than paid for.
  2. When I tweeted about it the main creator took the time to actually acknowledge me.
  3. Heard about it from a few others about how it has grown from something basic to what it is today


The reason I used this was for my MSBuild work for our CI server and I found the tool to be excellent. Have a look at it, its certainly worth that


Thanks to Simon Steele for all the hard work! There are still some things I wish it would do – Commenting/ uncommenting code is the main one but I’m happy with it!


I give this tool 3.5/5 and a thumbs up!