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iPhone 4.0 Announcement

iPhone OS 4 released today - lots of lovely features that would really entice me to get one after my blackberry storm. Then i was pointed out an extract from the SDK licence agreement

ok so what does this mean? c# developers can currently use an application called Monotouch and this was fantastic. it was pricey but it was very worth it. i had even started using this myself for apps at work

then this bombshell!! There was no news of this announcement today - this was discovered by people downloading the SDK

ok so i think that what has happened is as follows:


  • iPhone versions 1 -3 very successful
  • Microsoft release news of Win 7 Phone
  • News of free developer software for Win 7 Phone released
  • Apple release news of iPhone 4.0

Now what does this tells us?

in my eyes this seems like Apple have laid down the law that their apps will only really be developed using their products and their specs. No more MonoTouch? What about those who were creating apps using c#?

I think more will come of this and i really do think that this will loose Apple a huge amount of followers in the development community.

Let the war begin!

More details and posts will be added as soon as i see them!