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DevEvening - ORM Showdown - Feb 25th

Tonight was DevEvening’s ORM Showdown and my first visit to a DevEvening.

The ORMs were demoed in thefollowing order:

All the talks were very useful as i hadn’t seen or even heard of many of these products. i enjoyed seeing how these proudcts worked and hearing about poeple’s experience using them. i think over the next few weeks ill give them all a go as they are mostly free [except for LLBLGenPro and OpenAccess]

DevEvening provided some Sway tonight - 3 copies of Cloud Computing and a copy of the Telerik Premium Toolset. i managed to win the Telerik Premium toolset - wohoo!

Thanks to all the guys at DevEvening. The next event is 25th March and will feature Azure and Open Rasta - where do i sign up