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Agile Assessment

Been a long time since i posted so thought id start again!

just managed to convince my co-workers to take an Agile assessment [with thanks to those guys @ ThoughtWorks!] . this assessment works out just how Agile our environment is in comparison how we think it is.

The results will be very interesting - i’m 100% sure we are not very good at the process and i’m going to spend then next 3 months trying to fix that :)

Results to follow………..

EDIT: bit of an anticlimax as ThoughtWorks server wouldn’t let me post the results so that i could get the report. From the results of the team we all know where we are going with this concept anyway

EDIT 2: Our team is actually classed as just stemming into AGILE development - this is a good result but we must continue to move forward with this

Next step: Set up a task board in the office and convince the others to use it….